Monday, August 25, 2008

Arum lily


Tillandsias on stem 2

Tillandsias are for sale from as little as R20-00

Tillandsias on stem

Tillandsias with orchids

Howea Fosteriana

Howea Fosteriana or Kentia palm

The Howea Fosteriana is a beautiful palm suitable for indoor or
shady conditions. The seed on this palm takes up to three years to
ripen. Small palms are available from R39-00

Tillandsias on a tree stem

Spectacular clivia 2

Spectacular clivia

Platycerium Apple

Bromeliads 3

Bromeliads 2

A number of species of Bromeliads are available at the nursery. Their
prices range from R20-00 to R38-00


Clivias in Flower for sale


Clivias in flower for sale



Cymbidium orchid