Thursday, November 26, 2009


Having just bought a new HD video camera, I've decided to put some creative potential into action on the site. I am currently shooting footage and editing it down to suitable content for the site. The videos will be made available on Youtube and will most likely be in 720p HD. This way you can experience the gardens at the nursery on your pc, mac or apple tv. The links will be added as soon as the videos have been uploaded.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Changes to the blog

Finally after months of hard work I have some time to make changes to the blog. One of the first things you will notice is that I no longer publish my photos in the blog itself, but have rather decided to make exclusive use of the picasa web albums feature. By following the link on the right side of the blog you are directed to a listing of all of my albums. From there you can navigate to the photos you want to view. The interface is far better than the native blog interface and it makes life a whole lot easier for me as well. I may add a second and third link as my storage capacity fills up with photos.

What I envision is using the blog to provide useful information on the plants we grow, inform you of new plants that have arrived at the nursery and share some experiences with you regarding these plants. Please visit back often for updates or use the RSS feature to automatically deliver updates to your inbox.

I hope you enjoy the new site even more than the old one. As always, please feel free to provide feedback to me by email.





New range of orchids