Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ungerminated cycad seeds for sale

We currently have the following ungerminated cycad seed for sale:
E. Eugene Marais R130
E. Middelburgensis R125
E. Dyerianus R140
E. Caffer R120

Encephalartos Ferox R4
E. Lanatus R8
E. Bubalinus R80
E. Blue Muchi R45
E. Blue Longifolius R8
E. Piet Retief R6
E. Lebomboensis Mananga R5
E. Masinganus R8
E. Turnerii R30
Cycas Revoluta R3Stangeria R20

Germinated seeds also available.Various other SEEDLINGS also for sale from 1 months after germination to 3 years old.

Many seedlings and plants also for sale!! Come visit us from 08:00 to 16:00 Mondays to Saturdays! Please call for directions!

Robbie Robbertze
Tropical Farms
Tel 012 379 8354
Cel 082 572 9347

Tropical Farms 4

The Tropical Farms 4 web photo album can be found at:

It contains some photos from a normal day at the nursery. 

Tropical Farms 5

You can now view the Tropical Farms web photo album 5 at the following url

It includes some spectacular photos of the plants growing in our gardens at the nursery

Orchids and Bearded Dragons

Another webalbum has been uploaded here
This one contains photos of orchids and some bearded dragons as we are currently expanding our business to include the breeding and sale of reptiles. We specialize in Leopard Gecko's though and some photos of those will be forthcoming soon. They will also be placed on a dedicated website. 

Robbie Robbertze
Tropical Farms
Tel 012 379 8354
Cel 082 572 9347


Yellow Orchid

View the album by clicking here

Another Tropical Farms Photographic Tour

I have just uploaded another Tropical Farms webalbum that can be viewed right here

New clivia album

You can view an album of our clivia flowers on picasa webalbums. Click here to open.

Rose Farm

We recently visited Ludwig's Roses. Here are some of the stunning specimens we saw during the day.

Open the Picasa Webalbum at Rose Farms

New Photo Album

You can find a new Picasa Webalbum here

The album contains photos of many of the plants we currently have for sale at the nursery.